Growing in God


The word said in 1 Peter 2:2 as newborn babes, desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow thereby



Every living needs to grow or to develop, also our trust in God should also grow. There are some phase in our trust in God;


Phase new born: like a baby, trust in God almost in everything but have no contribution to God's plan, mostly pray to God just for asking something.


Phase children: like a children, we ask God to our favor for something we have done in good way,  we trading with God, if we do God's word, we get something in return.


Phase student: we want to learn more about God, actively come to many sermons or similar events to know more about the words of God, learn to do the words of God.


Phase servant: we will do more for God's work to get the rewards or payoff


Phase slave: we will do God's order without asking the rewards, the goal is only to please God.


Phase friend (of honor): our mind, our decision, our will and our actions already inline with God's master plan.


In what phase are you now ?


Others measurement of growth are the decision, the more you responsible to your decision, the more will you grow. Remember, the decision must be taken before any action, regardless your decision are, no action is also a decision.


Most people fall into trap that if they follow-up God, God made decision for them, then if something wrong happened, the people are easily said that "This is a God's will". God wants a follower that able to make decision and have the same vision with Him, not like a robot, He has this creature called angels, angels only follow God's order without make further decision.


May God bless us!


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